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She came, She angsts, She conquers!

Wow...I always thought my first post here would be about the ever-annoying Melfina from Outlaw Star, but I was just watching Teen Titans, and this piece of crap shows up, and I knew it was my duty to report her!

Title of Work: The Terra Show Teen Titans

Author: Glen Murakami, I think.

Full Name, including titles: Terra

Full Species(es): Cookie cutter angst! Sue

Hair Colour (include adjectives): Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Unusual Markings/Colourations: None

Special Possessions/Pets: A pair of goggles that broke, Beastboy's balls.

Annoying Sidekicks: everyone in the show.

Annoying Origin: Not sure, since I've only seen her introduction episode, and that alone was enough to put me off watching 'Teen Titans' ...ever again.

Annoying Way of Ruining the Story: Slade wants her, the Titans wants her, but trusts no one because of TEH ANGST of her powers!!

Annoying Special Abilities: Controlling rocks with her mind, but because she can't control them all of the time she causes accidents, cause her much angst when people turn against her!!!!!!!!111111

Miscellaneous Reasons The Sue Should Not Exist: What's the point of her existence? The series was complete and entertaining without her, with Starfire's perkiness and love of her friends, Raven's deadpan humor and 'issues' with her father, Cyborg's internal struggle with neither being fully human or machine, Beastboy's bad jokes, Robin's overall coolness and their potential love lives made Teen Titans made the show funny and interesting to watch, but even though Terror Terra ran off at the end of the episode I've just seen, I just know she'll be back to wangst things up, and like I already said, it's enough to put off watching the show.

Redeeming Qualities: (Reasons the Sue might not be annoying to someone else). Well, I could say that she had potential to be cool...but of course, I'd be lying.

Small snippet of Sue Being Annoying: (Please make sure this is properly accredited to author, so we're not violating copyright).

Short Summary of Intro episode, "Terra" Forgive me if the summary is crappy


Episode opens to Terra being chased by giant-ass scorpion, when she appears to be cornered the Titans turn up and try to save her, but she drops a huge rock on the poor scorpion. After opening song it turns out she already knows all the Titans' names, and Beastboy falls in love with her at first sight, and Starfire instantly asks Terra to be her friend and insists that she stays the night with them.
Back at the tower Terror Sorry, TERRA makes herself at home, eating all the food (including Starfire's alien food) washes her clothes in the sink and promptly falls asleep on the couch.
Later that night, She and Beastboy are talking outside the tower when her powers slip and a slab of rock flies off from underneath Beastboy and he bumps his head, where she freaks out and makes him swear to secrecy about his powers.
The next day, after a training exercise for Terra (Where she makes a new record of completing the level) The Titans (and Terra) fight with Slade's minions in a type of mineshaft. Terra's powers went out of control yet again and she ended up crushing Beastboy under a rock, and she runs away. She ends up following Slade and he lures her into a trap. I turns out that he wants her to join him and proceeds to fuck with her head about all the accidents that she's caused, no one loves her, she breaks down blah blah blah (Sounds familiar? It is to me, only because I've read this a thousand times before in Mary-Sue fics) Then Beastboy (Who of course isn't dead) comes along and rescues her after Slade disappears, telling her that she can trust him no matter what.
The end of the episode Robin asks her to join that Titans, but comments that she needs to work on her powers. Of course she instantly assumes that Beastboy told them and runs off crying, and when he runs out of the Tower to find her Robin goes after him and comments that he had guessed. So would I, in fact, it was so obvious that anyone with functioning eyeballs could see it!

Thankfully, my favourite Titan Raven hasn't gone OOC over her like everyone else, so maybe there is hope if she's immune to the Sue-age powers! Isn't there?
Gah, that my bitterness for today, I'm still feverish so I'm just going to snuggle up under my duvet on the couch, eat cereal, drink coke and watch TV, but I'll check for comments on my deranged ravings ^_^

PS She's already got a wangsty fanbase at The Pit :

For the first time in a very long time, I'm considering reading a bashing fic, I HATE HER THAT MUCH.
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