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Another Sherlock Holmes Sue

Title of Work: Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud
Author:Andrew Lane

Full Name, including titles: Virginia Crowe, her father calls her Ginny (and later Ginnie, the book can't seem to decide)
Full Species(es): human teenager
Hair Colour (include adjectives):long and reddish-gold
Eye Colour: violet, the shade of wild flowers
Unusual Markings/Colourations: tanned with freckles
Special Possessions/Pets: Her horse Sandia
Annoying Sidekicks: She is the annoying sidekick. Except she is pretty much useless for most of the book, except one scene where he actually does something.

Annoying Origin: Albuquerque, USA
Annoying Way of Ruining the Story: Is so obviously only there to be Sherlock's love interest and is otherwise the typically spunky and sassy Sue. You know, wants to be part of the action despite having no relevant skills, scoffs at ladylike things, wears boy clothes and is snobby towards the main character while clearly having a crush on him.
Annoying Special Abilities: None really, despite her thinking that she has her Dad's tracking skills even though I don't see how what she actually does is all that difficult. And she can ride, of course not side-saddle, heaven forbid.
Miscellaneous Reasons The Sue Should Not Exist: Sherlock is constantly thinking about her at odd moments despite him barely knowing her and of course the fact that Sherlock Holmes shouldn't be that interested in romance in the first place. He also says she's unlike any other girl and calls her unique.
Redeeming Qualities: Can't really think of anything. Mind you the Sue is not the biggest problem the book has. No, that would be Sherlock himself. I get that he's only 14 years old in this, but he should still be smarter and have at least some scientific curiosity. He pretty much starts out like a blank slate at the beginning of the book, just your regular teenage boy who has no friends for some reason. He has no apparent hobbies and doesn't even care about science. The character Amyus Crowe is more of a Sherlock Holmes type character than Sherlock himself and seems to groom him into the person he should be.

Small snippet of Sue Being Annoying:
Sherlock found that he couldn't pull his gaze away from her face. She was about the same age as him. Her hair was long and reddish-gold, cascading and curling around her shoulders like a copper waterfall hitting rocks and splashing upward. Her eyes were a shade of violet that Sherlock had only ever seen before on wild flowers, and her skin was brown and freckled, as if she spent a lot of time outdoors.
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