trichgal76 (trichgal76) wrote in canon_sues,

List of Canon-Sues/Stus to Spork

This is a list of Canon Sues/Stus that I think deserve to be sporked on here:

Elmo-Sesame Street
Michelle Tanner-Full House (the whole Tanner clan could be sporked)
Lt. Comm. Harmon Rabb-JAG
Daisy Buchanan-The Great Gatsby (book or movie)
Katherine Moore-The Last Tycoon (book or movie)
Legolas-LOTR (Books but mostly movie-canon)
Edith Adelon.-Louisa May Alcott’s The Inheritance
Lori Grimes-The Walking Dead (comic and TV series)
Andrea-The Walking Dead (S3 of the TV series)
Annie Blackburn-Twin Peaks
Shelby Eatenton Latcherie -Steel Magnolias (Movie canon)
Catherine Earnshaw- Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights
Mary of Scots-Mary, Queen of Scots 1971 film
John McBain-OLTL/GH
Cristian Vega-OLTL
Jason Q. Morgan-GH
Jonathan Randall-GL
Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield-Sweet Valley High book series
Duncan MacLeod-Highlander series
Every female protagonist from VC Andrews’ novels
Neo/Thomas Anderson-The Matrix Trilogy
Mary Kelly-From Hell (movie)
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