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True Q

Title of Work: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Author: Gene Roddenberry

Full Name, including titles: Amanda Rogers, Q
Full Species(es): "Human" Q
Hair Colour : Blond hair, always in a bun
Eye Colour: Light brown
Unusual Markings/Colourations: Wears an entirely pink outfit throughout the majority of the episode.
Special Possessions/Pets: "Zoo" of three dogs, generates a litter of puppies in the beginning of the episode.
Annoying Sidekicks: Q, and the rest of the Enterprise takes an immediate liking to her.

Annoying Origin: Amanda was born to a Q couple who wanted to live human lives, but were killed in a tornado (created by the Continuum, that miraculously didn't kill her despite the fact it touched down directly on her home) when she was a baby. She was raised by human parents, and her Q powers started to show when she turned 18, six months before she was "selected out of hundreds of applicants for an internship on the Enterprise." Apparently she is an incredibly smart biologist, memorized the layout of the enterprise, and fawns over Riker throughout most of the episode.
Annoying Way of Ruining the Story: Magically saves an entire planet from imminent destruction by staring at it with her mouth open as the atmosphere is about to kill all life on the surface. She forces Riker to fall in love with her.
Annoying Special Abilities: Super smart, Q powers (generate whatever she wants, teleport, etc.) which she is able to perfect immediately.
Miscellaneous Reasons The Sue Should Not Exist: Super powered alien raised by humans, finds out she has powers, falls in love with a canon character, and does not wear the uniform (usually in a pink jumpsuit/dress). General sue-attitude and 'all attention on her' attitude.
Redeeming Qualities: In the end, she chooses to save the planet instead of living a normal human life.

Small snippet of Sue Being Annoying:
Other than forcing Riker in to costume and magically infatuating him to fall in love with her...
As the warp core is about to explode, she stands there staring at it with her mouth open until it finally bursts, allowing her to show off her powers throwing her hands up and somehow stopping the blast and repairing the damages.
"Ever since I got here I've been fighting this. I've been denying the truth - denying what I am. I am Q."
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