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Reporting Princess Ciri from The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski

I'm only on book three of this series, but I honestly cannot believe how blatant a world-warping Sue this character is. Thank goodness she doesn't appear in the games.

Full Name, including titles: Cirilla "Ciri" Fiona Elen Riannon, princess of Cintra, "The Lion Cub of Cintra", "The Child Surprise", "Death or Rebirth", "Source of Magic" and when she's in a gang, Falka. And that's only what's happened up to the beginning of book three.

Full Species(es): Mostly human except for how she's the last remaining branch of an ancient elven royal family.
Hair Colour: Ashen blonde
Eye Colour: Emerald
Unusual Markings/Colourations: Said eyes are apparently evidence of her elven heritage
Special Possessions/Pets: A unicorn she found in the desert (yes, really)
Annoying Sidekicks: Technically, she started out as an annoying sidekick to the actual protagonist, Geralt of Rivia. By book three, she's acquired an entire gang of bandits as sidekicks, despite her being freaking fourteen years old. And of course, there's the unicorn.

Annoying Origin: Her mother, Princess Pavetta, ran out and banged some kind of human-hedgehog hybrid who was actually a prince in disguise. Naturally, Ciri turned out to be part of a prophecy
Annoying Way of Ruining the Story: Last time I checked, the series was called The Witcher, not The Amazing Adventures of Ciri. There's no real reason for Geralt, the actual main character, to be so attached to her, yet him and basically everyone else is constantly chasing after her because reasons that keep changing.
Annoying Special Abilities: The ability to make anyone, no matter how anti-social, like her (except for the reader), despite her being a Bratty Half-Pint. The ability to see magical artefacts that apparently only the most talented can see. The ability to resist being stolen away by the Wild Hunt. She also has premonitions of possible futures, and is both a sorceress and a fighter in training. Oh, and did I mention that she's a Matchmaker Sue? She gets Geralt back together with his ex-lover, Yennefer, by pretending to faint so they can both "take care of her".

Small snippet of Sue Being Annoying:

‘I can’t help you, Little Horse’ Ciri said her voice choked. ‘I do not have anything…’
Except for magic.
I am a sorceress.
She rose, extending her hand. And nothing. She needed a lot of magical energy, and there was no trace. She was surprise, she had not expected this. After all, water veins are everywhere she took a few steps in one direction, then in another. She began to walk in a wide circle. She made a full rotation.
‘Cursed desert!’ she shouted, clenching her fist. ‘There is nothing in you! No water, no magic! They said that magic is everywhere! That was a lie too! They have all lied, everyone!’
The unicorn snorted.
The magic is everywhere. In the water, on land, air…
And in the fire.
Ciri smacked her fist to her forehead in rage. Up until now there had been nothing but bare stones which would not burn. But now she had dry thistles and stalks at hand, and with what little energy she had left within herself she could manage a little spark…
She gathered more sticks and placed them in a pile then covered them with dry thistles. She cautiously raised her hand.
The little pile flared, and a flame flicked and sprang up, it reached towards the leaves and devoured them shooting higher. Ciri added more stalks.
‘Now what,’ she thought, watching the flames come alive. ‘How do I draw energy from it?’
Yennefer forbade me to touch the energy of fire… But I have no choice! No time! I have to act now The stalks and leaves will soon burn… The fire will go out… Fire… It is beautiful, and warm…
She did not know when or how it happened. She was watching the flames and suddenly felt a throbbing in her temples. She clutched her chest, she felt like her ribs would explode. A pain echoed in her lower abdomen, crotch and nipples, pain the momentarily transformed into a terrifying pleasure. She stood up. No, not stood up. She flew.
The Force filled her like molten lead. Stars danced in the sky as if reflected off the surface of a pond. The Eye burned in the west, and exploded in brightness. She took the brightness, and with it power.
‘Hael, Aenye!’
The unicorn whinnied wildly and tried to stand, leaning on its front legs. Ciri’s arm lifted by itself, her hand moved by itself in a magical gesture, her lips shouted an incantation.
From her fingers came a rippling bright light. The flames of the fire raged.
The light waves that came from her hand touched the wounded thigh of the unicorn, focused and then penetrated.
‘I want you to be healed! I want it! Vess’hael, Aenye!’
The Force exploded in her, she was filled with a wild euphoria. The fire shot upwards, brightening. The unicorn lifted his head, whinnied, then suddenly sprang up quickly from the ground, took a few steps, extended his neck and touched his thigh with his nose then snorted as if in disbelief. He released a high, piercing whinny, kicked and swished his tail and then galloped away from the fire.
‘I’ve healed him!’ Ciri shouted proudly. ‘I’ve healed him! I am a sorceress! I managed to draw the Force out of the fire! And I have the Force! With it I can do anything!’

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