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He Knew Every Magic Trick Under The Sun~

I'm pretty sure I'm going to a very special hell for this. So naturally it's my first submission here.

Title of Work: Journey to the West (Monkey in the most common English translation)
Author: Wu Cheng-en

Full Name, including titles: Sun Wukong (awakening to emptiness), Handsome Monkey, Bi Ma Wen (Head of the Heavenly Stables), Great Sage Equal To Heaven, Sun Xing Zhe (Disciple), Hun Yuan Yi Qi Shang Fang Tai Yi San Xian (His rank as an immortal), Buddha of Victorious Battles, Sun Hou-Zi (Monkey)
Full Species(es): Stone Monkey, turned into an Immortal Being after stealing magic peaches from the peach garden of Heaven, then eating the Jade Pills of Immortality, then spending 49 days in the fires of a heavenly forge
Hair Colour (include adjectives): Never given; many visual adaptions give him red or black hair
Eye Colour: Gold
Unusual Markings/Colourations: He's a monkey who looks more like a man, with golden eyes that can see for 1000 li (about 500-odd km) and through any illusion or disguise
Special Possessions/Pets: Magic Golden-Clasped Rod (Ru Yi Jin Gu Bang, Nyoikinkoubou) that changes size at will and weighs so much that only Monkey can use it (it once held up the Milky Way), his summonable cloud
Annoying Sidekicks: Zhu Ba Jie (Pigsy) for sure, and maybe Tang San Zang (Tripitaka) and Sha Wu Jing (Sandy) into the bargain

Annoying Origin: Born from a stone egg on a mountaintop, ruled the monkeys for a while, went off and studied to become an immortal and learned the 72 Transformations (a.k.a. many, many cool spells), pissed off Heaven a few times, managed to make himself invulnerable with the whole peaches-pills-furnace debacle, decided to ruin Heaven's day, and got locked under a mountain by Buddha until San Zang let him out.
Annoying Way of Ruining the Story: Actually, he kind of totally makes the story with his energetic craziness, arrogance and badassery. Anyone who remembers Monkey Magic knows what I'm talking about.
Annoying Special Abilities: The 72 Transformations, the ability to turn his hairs into other things including little clones of his monkey-self, can fly crazy distances in a single bound thanks to his cloud, many many many useful spells, can summon local gods, can see through illusions and disguises, has an amazing ability to control horses, can make the Boddhisavata come to the rescue pretty much whenever he wants her to, and also knows tons about medicine.  
Miscellaneous Reasons The Sue Should Not Exist: Well, he's apparently meant to be the representative of China as a whole as it was at the time it was written, and also because he saves the day in almost every single chapter once he joins up with San Zang.
Redeeming Qualities: He's a cheeky little bastard who takes joy in ruffling feathers, not to mention moody as hell, and the entertainment value of San Zang zotting him with the pain-spell is not to be underestimated. Also it's just as well he's so powerful and smart because Ba Jie keeps causing trouble and San Zang's naivety leads him to walk into danger all the time. Plus there's something about him that makes him terribly amusing to watch/read.

Small snippet of Sue Being Annoying: Really, just read the first few chapters of the novel or watch Monkey Magic.

Totally my favourite canon sue of all time. (And I bet you can name the DVD that arrived today.)
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