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Sues/Stus who you like

I am new here. `Waves around´ I don't know if there is a topic like this out there. If there is, I will of course delete this and would not mind if you could give me the link.

So I read a lot charackterisations of Sues and I want to ask if there are Sues out there that you like althought they are Sues?

I mean I really love Rose (Doctor who) and she is a sue, but she was my first Doctor Who Companion and I don't mind her Sueness.

So you've got a Sue were you know she is a Sue but love her anyway?

Sorry about my English it is not my  first language.
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Richard Rahl, at least in the first 4 books. He is a total stue, but I still love him in the early books.

Hermione Granger could be considered a sue because she pretty much never gets anything wrong (and if she does isn't called on it), always has the solution to everything, and is generally more useful than the hero. But I adore her.

Oh just about any of Mercedes Lackey's leads. I love her books and just continue reading them, despite that.
Sayuri in Memoirs of a Geisha.

Totally canon sue, but loved her anyway.
Miles Freaking Vorkosigan. Childhood playmate of the Emperor. Son of the Prime Minister. Survives at a military academy despite massive physical defects because he's Just That Smart. Fast-talks his way into owning a mercenary company at age 17. Get the equivelent of the Medal of Honor from his nation's direst enemy. Has at least two remarkably lethal lovers before settling down. Screws up enough to get fired from his position in Imperial Security and then immediately gets appointed to a position that translates to "Whatever the Emperor wants, gets done. Now, sir."

Oh, and he has a mother that can induce terror in grown men when she announces she's "going shopping."

Total Marty Stu and one of the most fun characters in science fiction history.
Abraham van Helsing is probably Bram Stoker's Stu (same first name, both a doctor AND a lawyer?) but he's awesome.
I'm going to add another one

Raistlin Majere from Dragonlance. Also known for spawning other Mary Sues, whether canonically or not. 'Nuff said.
I liked Polgara in "The Belgariad," but then Eddings had to go and write a sequel where all the women were rather... grumpy to put it mildly.
In what possible way is Rose a Sue? I've never understood how anyone could think she was. Was it the fact that she worked at a shop? Or that she could be selfish, or that she was a horrible girlfriend?

But on topic I like Richard from the Sword of Truth books. And Ellysetta Baristani from the Tairen Soul series.
I really don't see Rose as a sue. Sure, she was the first companion to fall in love with the Doctor, but she didn't seem any more hyper-competent or always-right than any of the other companions.
It's arguable if Jesse Custer from Preacher is a Sue, but there's still the wit, handsomeness and a sensitivity to him.
Aragon (from the books, not the movies), arguably. The Numenorians are portrayed as soo much better than normal humans, and when Aragron drops the scruffy ranger act, his innate kingliness shines through, and *gasp* it turns out he was Beautiful All Along! Every human he meets is instantly completely infatuated with him, male or female, and he heals people and he sings, and he has a sooper hawt elven princess (sort of) girlfriend, who looks exactly like the legendary, half-Maia (angel/goddess/whatever) Beautiful Tragic Most Beautifullest Elf Evar, and . . . I still think he's great.

(Well, Denethor hated them, but he was obviously jus jellus)
Abraham Van Helsing! Yes! So much yes!

I don't know if Mina Harker counts as a Sue. She's still awesome though. She actually helped defeat Dracula. Mina was very sweet and badass at the same time.

Sora from the Kingdom Hearts games. He's got such a big heart, and he usually doesn't hold grudges. :)

Drizzt Do'Urden. I like him despite his ability to defeat pretty much anything in a fight, not because of it. He's basically a good-aligned (D&Dverse good) member of an evil-aligned species, and it seems he was born that way--but his idealism bites him in the butt sometimes, too, and he makes a few stupid decisions because he'd rather risk himself than let his very competent and willing friends take risks, too. I still can't decide whether the author is consciously aware that someone who wants to save everyone and never let anyone else take risks might run into trouble, but it plays out logically all the same. At one point he goes to get himself taken prisoner so the drow won't hunt his friends--and of course his friends come after him, and the whole thing turns into a fiasco that puts them in more danger than they were in to begin with. Drizzt might be good, but he's not very wise... His Stuishness really only extends to his fighting ability and his powerful weapons. Beyond those, he's a pretty interesting character.

Sara Crewe, from "A Little Princess". She's also extremely good, but unlike Drizzt, she empowers the people around her, and that's what makes me like her. You see her encouraging people, tutoring the other students. While she's very smart, the thing you see most about her intellect is her sheer love of learning; rather than using her intelligence to make everyone else look dumb (deliberately or inadvertently), you see her using it to help others learn, too, because she loves learning so much herself that she can't help but want to share that with others. She's a Mary Sue, but she's also a truly likeable person who, as she says, got lucky "by accident" and got a lot of good traits.