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Rose Tyler

I can't find another rundown of this one but I suspect she has been done before. There are just not enough words in English or any other language to express my absolute hate for this Sue.

Edit: Several people have pointed out that my original Sue report was extremely biased, poorly argued, and/or largely based on fanon. I've tried to edit the worst of this. Thank you

Title of Work: Doctor Who
Author: Various. The current producer, responsible for her creation, is Russell T Davies.

Full Name, including titles: Rose Marion Tyler. Sometimes known as "Rose Tyler: Defender of Earth". ETA: Was officially made "Dame Rose Tyler of the Powell Estate" by Queen Victoria - who then banished her. Ha! Ha! Thank you, sushigal007!
Full Species(es): Human, Mary Sue
Hair Colour (include adjectives): Badly dyed blonde with dark roots
Eye Colour: Brown
Unusual Markings/Colourations: None
Special Possessions/Pets: The Doctor upgraded her mobile phone to be able to call him anywhere in space or time. Also has a key to the TARDIS but both of these are standard issue for companions.
Annoying Sidekicks: The Ninth and Tenth Doctors, Mickey Smith

Annoying Origin: Earth
Annoying Way of Ruining the Story: SHE FUCKING TAKES OVER EVERYTHING. Everybody, everywhere on the show, thinks she is perfect. When Freema Agyeman stepped down as full-time companion the producers stated that "her character wasn't working out", which suggests it was decided she couldn't live up to Rose. Many fans of the new series consider her the one and only love of the Doctor's life, and Davies never misses a chance to clumsily crowbar in another reference to the OMG TWOO WUV between her and the Doctor. It's been confirmed that the episode where Rose returns to the show will not feature the Doctor, because the producers are so confident in her popularity they feel she can carry an episode on her own; at least the Doctor - lite episodes did have the Doctor appear at some point. She was willing to leave her family stranded in a parallel universe so she could stay with the Doctor.
Annoying Special Abilities: Can make anyone who meets her fall in love with her at first sight. She absorbed the energies of the TARDIS, which enabled her to resurrect Captain Jack Harkness and destroy the Daleks. Without going into spoiler territory for the new series, she may have other TARDIS - based powers too.
Miscellaneous Reasons The Sue Should Not Exist: When the revived show was first broadcast, the production team freely admitted Rose was a Mary Sue (using this exact term for her). They have said in interviews that she is the "perfect companion". Her popularity in the fandom leads to bashing of many other characters including Martha, Donna, Reinette, Mickey and even the Ninth Doctor; some fans think he had less "chemistry" with her than the Tenth Doctor. She whines and cries and generally gets on my nerves. Now that she's back for the fourth series and might be in the Christmas special, there'll be no getting rid of her.
Redeeming Qualities: It was decided not to give her her own show because that would be "a spin-off too far". As annoying as it was to have the Doctor moon over her for a whole series, it would have been unrealistic for him to forget about her as soon as she was out of his sight. Has her cool moments, particularly in the first series and her exchange with Lady Cassandra.

Small snippet of Sue Being Annoying:

Here's my least favourite of Rose's appearances, in the scene where she is forced to say goodbye to the Doctor:

Most fans think this is incredibly touching as Rose wails that she loves the Doctor. I say, pass the sick bucket.
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